Qualitative analysis software for video and audio data  
Developed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Center for Education Research  
Watch the "Transana Overview" ScreenCast or read the guided tour to get a quick overview of the analytic process Transana supports

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Transana is software for qualitative researchers who want to analyze video, auditory, and still image data.

"Introduction To Transana" ScreenCast
New to Transana? Watch the "Transana Overview" video for an overview of what Transana can help you do.

Transana lets you analyze and manage your data in very sophisticated ways. It provides tools that allow you to:

  • Transcribe video and audio files (in a wide variety of ways useful for different analytic purposes)

  • Identify analytically interesting portions of audio and video files, creating analytic units called Clips

  • Code Clips by assigning Keywords

  • Categorize Clips into thematic Collections

  • Arrange Clips in the order you need

  • Add still images to your analysis, including screen shots from video

  • Explore relationships in your coded analytic data through text reports, graphical reports, and the search tool

  • Manage large collections of video, audio, and still image files, as well as coded analytic clips and images.

  • Code still images, assigning Keywords using coding shapes with Transana's Professional version

  • Analyze multiple simultaneous media files with Transana's Professional version

  • Create and manipulate multiple simultaneous transcripts to analyze different analytic layers within your data with Transana's Professional version

  • Collaborate with colleagues in real time with Transana's Multi-user version, even over a distance

Transana is cross-platform. Transana runs on Windows and Apple OS X.

Transana is developed at the Wisconsin Center for Education Research. It is widely used in the education research community, where video is an integral part of most researchers' methods. Researchers in many other disciplines also find it useful in their work.

You can read more about Transana, get a quick overview of the analytic processes Transana supports through the Overview Screencast and in the web-based guided tour, or you can download Transana right now.

Transana is developed and maintained by David K. Woods at the Wisconsin Center for Education Research, University of Wisconsin-Madison.